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Professional Contests

(Contest currently closed. Contest will open in mid-December 2017.)

Eligibility & General Rules:

  • The awards competition is open to work originated and published, broadcast or posted online in Wisconsin during the year ending December 31, 2017. Eligible entries in writing, graphics and photography categories must have appeared in general circulation daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly publications, or have originated from a local wire service bureau or website. Material produced for paid placement is not eligible. Entrants need not be MPC members.
  • Freelance entries must be approved by the supervising editor of the Wisconsin media outlet that published, posted or aired the entry. A letter from that supervising editor must be uploaded along with the entry.
  • There is no limit to the number of entries that may be submitted in each category. Contest judges may reassign an entry to a category that appears more appropriate or eliminate it from competition at their discretion.
  • The same work may not be entered in more than one category. Exceptions: design categories and compilations where multiple samples are requested.
  • The following are NOT eligible to enter the Milwaukee Press Club Awards: company publications intended primarily for and distributed solely to employees, their associates and customers; print or digital newsletters; marketing and promotional newspapers, magazines and websites.
  • Out-of-state journalists and educators will serve as judges for the contest. Judges have the discretion to decide how many awards will be given in each category.
  • Each plaque is limited to six names. If you list more than six names on your entry form, the first six names will be engraved on the plaque.
  • You are granting permission to the Milwaukee Press Club to use winning entries on its website, in its annual publication Once A Year, and for display at the MPC Gridiron Awards Dinner. Copyright remains with the originating news organization.
  • Professional entry fee: $26 per entry
  • If you have questions, please contact Joette Richards at

DEADLINE: All entries must be uploaded by 11:30 p.m. Friday, Feb. 2, 2018.

Format Instructions: The MPC Awards for Excellence in Wisconsin Journalism Contest has been moved to a system that is entirely Internet based. You can simply upload your Word document, PDF, jpeg or URL. For video, submit your URL. URL must be active during the judging period. You must be logged in before you can upload your entries. If you do not have a login you must create one.

We encourage you to submit your entries where the content fits.

Print: Word document, PDF, screen grab or URL may be used. Stories, features and columns must be submitted in their entirety.

Visual Journalism: PDF, jpegs or screen grabs must be submitted. Story accompanying the work may be attached but judging will be based on photographic excellence.

Online: For all online categories, entrants should include a website URL address, a direct link or a screen grab from 2017.

Video: Entrants should designate the URL address. Anchor lead-ins to packages are permissible. It is advisable to delete commercials. Entries should not exceed 15 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Audio: Entrants should designate URL address where the content can be found. Anchor lead-ins to packages are permissible. It is advisable to delete commercials. Entries should not exceed 15 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Professional Competition Categories

To enter the contest, click on a competition category below to get started.

To download a printable version of the professional contest click here.

Writing (print)

Best Critical Review
Best Coverage of a Single News Topic or Event Including Breaking News
Best Multi-Story Coverage of a Single Feature Topic or Event
Best Long Feature Story
Best Short Feature Story
Best Sports Story
Best Single Editorial, Statement of Editorial Position or Opinion
Best Business Story or Series
Best Investigative Story or Series
Best Public Service Story or Series
Best Column
Best Explanatory Story or Series
Best Personal Profile

Visual Journalism (any medium)

Best Illustration or Cartoon
Best Photo Essay or Series
Best News Photograph
Best Feature Photograph
Best Sports Photograph

Newspaper Design

Best Overall Design
Best Special Section Design
Best Single Page Design

Magazine Design

Best Overall Design
Best Single Cover Design
Best Single Story or Feature Design

Audio (any medium)

Best Coverage of a Single or Ongoing Breaking News Story
Best Series Reporting
Best Investigative Report(s)
Best Long Form Feature Story
Best Short Form Feature Story
Best Use of Audio Within a Report
Best Writing in an Audio Story

Video (any medium)

Best Coverage of a Breaking News Story
Best Multi-Day Coverage of an Ongoing Story
Best Individual Reporting of News or Sports
Best Investigative Report or Series
Best Long Form Feature Story
Best Short Form Feature Story
Best News or Sports Program
Best Newscast
Best Writing in a Video Story
Best Documentary

Online (any medium)

Best Online Coverage of News, Sports or Lifestyle Event
Best Use of Multimedia
Best Website Design
Best Local News or Feature Website
Best Blog
Best Use of Multi-Platform Reporting
Best Feature Story
Best Sports Story
Best Business Story
Best Investigative Story

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