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Do I need a special browser to use the online contest application?
Most modern, desktop website browsers will support the basic technologies required to use this online application.
Recommended browsers include: Internet Explorer 9, Mozilla FireFox 8, Opera 11, & Google Chrome.
If you are having trouble, please double-check that you have
JavaScript enabled within your browser settings and/or try upgrading your browser to the latest version available, if necessary.


What file formats do you accept entries in?

For print and other visual media, we recommend using:

  • PDF

Photography & images will also accepted in:

  • JPEG
  • PNG

Websites and other online media:

  • URL

For audio/video or other broadcast media, we recommend using a third party hosted service such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc. However, if you are hosting the file directly and linking to it, we will accept the following popular file formats:

  • MP3, WAV
  • MPEG4, MOV, AVI, FLV, WebM


How can I submit contest entry files larger than 20mb?
Due to the prohibitive costs and complexities involved with managing such large file sizes, we have taken a cue from other online contests and are requesting that you make your work(s) available online for judging.
We will be accepting links (URLs) to your remotely hosted files/content.
If your work is not currently accessible online,
we suggest using one of the numerous third-party file hosting/sharing service providers.
These services allow you to upload your file(s) and retrieve/share a private link to the content, for FREE.
Here’s a few links to some of the more popular services available:

If you have other service suggestions, please contact us.


Who should I make my check payable to?
Please make any checks or money orders payable to Milwaukee Press Club.


Are membership dues renewed according to calendar year or join date?
Memberships are registered / renewed according to calendar year.

Corporate Members


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