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Knights of the Golden Quill

This is a Milwaukee Press Club membership designation reserved for a select few.
The honor is rarely bestowed, and is done so on nomination of the Press Club’s Past Presidents Council with approval from the Press Club board of governors. Knights are invested during the club’s annual meeting in September. It is bestowed upon members of the journalism profession and allied fields, and occasionally to others, in recognition of selfless deeds, untiring leadership and exemplary civic leadership.

The honor was first bestowed in 1949 when Wisconsin author August Derleth was named a Knight of the Golden Quill.


  • Frank Aukofer The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Charles O. Benson* Milwaukee Press Club manager
  • Gary D’Amato, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • August Derleth* Wisconsin author
  • John Fauber Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Kathleen Gallagher Milwaukee Jouranl Sentinel
  • Jill Geisler, Loyola University Chicago, WITI-TV, Poynter Institute
  • Craig Gilbert, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Mike Gousha, WTMJ-TV 4
  • Ed Hinshaw* WTMJ Journal Broadcast Group
  • Margo Huston The Milwaukee Journal
  • Mark Johnson Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Irwin Maier* The Milwaukee Journal
  • John F. Kennedy* United States President
  • Meg Kissinger, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • William F. Knowland* Oakland Tribune, U.S. House of Representatives
  • Richard H. Leonard* The Milwaukee Journal
  • Frank J. Marasco Sr.* Milwaukee Sentinel
  • John McCullough* WTMJ-TV
  • Bob McGinn The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Gene Mueller, Radio 620 WTMJ
  • Sharon M. Murphy Marquette University College of Journalism
  • Kathy Mykleby, WISN-TV
  • Jean H. Otto* The Milwaukee Journal; Rocky Mountain News
  • Gary Porter Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Jay Reed* The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • George E. Reedy* Pres. Lyndon Johnson press office; Marquette Univ. College of Journalism
  • Susan J. Riordan WISN-TV, WITI-TV, Gov. Lee Dreyfus press secretary, Wisconsin Gas Co.
  • Raquel Rutledge, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Lou Saldivar Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Harrison Salisbury* The New York Times
  • Arville Schaleben* The Milwaukee Journal
  • Harvey Schwandner* Milwaukee Sentinel, The Milwaukee Journal
  • James Schlosser* WTMJ Radio and TV
  • Alison Sherwood Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Bill Sixty Sr.* The Milwaukee Journal
  • Crocker Stephenson, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Laurie Van Dyke The Milwaukee Journal
  • Walter “Chick” Wegner* Milwaukee Sentinel
  • Melodie J. Wilson* WTMJ-TV, WITI-TV
  • Mike Gousha Today’s TMJ4
  • Jim Peck Marquette University
  • Dave Umhoefer Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Robert H. Wills, Wisconsin Freedom of Information Council, Milwaukee Sentinel, Milwaukee Journal, Journal Sentinel Inc. & Journal Communications


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